Thursday, 27 July 2017

All About The Country

Country Fair Magazine was first published in the summer of 1951 by The Aldworth Press of London. Its editor was Macdonald Hastings.

The magazine is famed today, not for its content but for its cover designs. These were by Australian illustrator, John Hanna who had arrived in London in 1947. From a background of working as an illustrator and cartoonist for the Argus in Melbourne newspapers, he established himself in England as an advertising artist. Hanna designed posters for Walls ice cream, Sugar Puffs and Peak Frean biscuits

 Hastings had already used his talents on another magazine that he had editied and considered him the natural choice for his new publication. Hanna designed the covers for Country Fair throughout the 1950s. He returned to Australia in 1961 where he became Art Director for an advertising agency.

Editor, Macdonald Hastings had a notable journalistic career. He was a freelancer in the 1930s until being hired by Picture Post for whom he reported from torpedo boats during World War II. He earned a reputation for being rash and courageous.
Peacetime saw him editing The Strand Magazine and writing for The Eagle comic and Lilliput Magazine.

Country Fair Magazine was published fortnightly through most of the 1950's.  The price remained 2/6 throughout its life. Today, a copy in good condition is worth £8.

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