Sunday, 6 August 2017

John Bull

John Bull first appeared as a sunday newspaper in 1820. It continues in that format until  1892 after which it changed to a magazine format. At its peak, it had sales of 750,000 copies a week and it claimed to have the greatest circulation of any weekly journal in the world. The magazine was re-named Today, The New John Bull in 1960 and despite having a healthy circulation, advertsing revenues were poor and publication ceased in 1964.

The covers, similar in style to America's Saturday Evening Post were always bright and colourful, the work of some of Britains most talented illustrators. Among its features, John Bull often included short stories by well known authors including Agatha Christie, Nicholas Monsarrat, H.E.Bates, J.B.Priestley and C.S.Forester.

Below are a few of the covers, mostly from the 1950s.

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