Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Eagle's Famous Cut-away Drawings

Perhaps more of a boy's magazine than a comic, the Eagle launched in 1950 was enormously successful and the first issue sold almost a million copies. It was a high quality publication and besides its comic strips such as Dan Dare, it featured news and sport. 

As a centre page spread,  almost every issue featured a cut-away drawing. More than 900 of these were produced, over 600 by the artist Leslie Ashwell Wood. They featured a very broad range of subjects, all of  which were chosen to appeal to schoolboys of that era. These were mostly in full colour although in later years changes to the Eagle, saw these moved to the back page and printed in monochrome. 

These locomotives hauled Metropolitan Line trains between Baker Street and Rickmansworth.

The Vickers Viscount first flew in 1948. More than 400 were built. BEA operated the largest fleet.

The Routemaster bus was introduced in London in 1954

Cunard's Queen Elizabeth was in service between 1939 and 1968 sailing between Southampton and New York.

The Golden Arrow was the famous London to Paris express.

Behind the scenes at the theatre.

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