Zimbabwe  Where Camping It Up Can Result In Jail

My brother talked to me about his life in Africa and his training as a hairdresser in Harare.

"I worked with a guy called Kevin who was very flamboyant and outwardly gay . One night I was coming out of a night club with him and the police wanted to arrest him . There was only 2 maybe 3 policemen . Luckily I got a few of my rough mates together and his arrest was avoided .i was still training and Kevin was a senior stylist . Around that same time he sent me one Saturday morning to bail out one of his friends from central police station . He gave me several hundred dollars I don’t remember exact amount . Anyway I went and the police denied he was being held their . He was released weeks later beaten .

During the 1970s it was the Rhodesian war and Kevin was conscripted . There were several gay men . They didn’t know what to do with them in the army . He told me they were all put together . They were known as the pink berets . He said they used to sit around doing each other’s nails and hair all day

There were several in the pink berets that were all hairdressers I think another along with Kevin was Leon who I worked with later . I used to go clubbing with them in the 80s total scream they were.

Kevin died in a car accident a couple of years later ."
 Julian Thompson

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