Sunday, 21 October 2018

A School In The Mountains

High on a hillside in Kashmir, a school is being built.  The foundations are deep for this is an earthquake zone. The village cannot be reached by road so the building materials are carried by pack animal.

The village is poor, the families cannot afford the fees to send their children to school in the town so the new building will give the young people a future.

The Read Foundation, a Manchester based charity has opened nearly 400 schools in some of the most deprived places in the World, mostly in Pakistan. They provide an education for more than 100,000 pupils including 10,000 orphans, many of whom progress to university. The schools provide modern facilities including computer suites, libraries and science labs. Thousands of fully qualified teachers are employed.

Our scale model demonstrates the design of a typical school and will be used to help fundraising for future projects. At 1:50 scale, the model is 70cm long. Transparent panels in the roof give a view down into the classrooms where children sit at their desks and posters adorn the walls. The scene is brought to life by children playing on swings and slides in front of the school. The model is almost entirely handbuilt by David Easton Modelmaking:

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