Josie Lee On Feeling Good About Art

"It's a Wonderful Life! My favourite film - It's corny, it's not very exciting, but the best feel good you could ask for! Sometimes I look at my art and think that therein lies my inspiration. The best of my work is when I manage to put a little bubble of joy inside your heart! You don't see a masterpiece, it doesn't make you catch your breath, but it does crease the corners of your eyes. It does make you feel good about y our world - or even long to make your world feel like that, if only for a little while!"
 Josie Lee

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 "Hot Lips"

"Just found a photo of my very first "Mistress" painting! About 4 years ago. Was still learning to use acrylics and couldn't blend the features very well - so I just left them out! Eventually I started hiding them under hair and the mystery of this character began to evolve!" @JoseLee

No automatic alt text available. "And this is still my very favourite mistress. Ridiculously thin, burtonesque and a little gothic, no real curves, yet still sexy, provocative but vulnerable, sultry and lonely. A tale in the making!
I remembered a Vetriano painting where she straddled a chair - hence the title."

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"Never have time for anything these days! But it is time I remembered to thank you all, for enjoying my art, for promoting my art, even buying it from time to time! As artists we all know just how invaluable the comments and support we get is. Just one like, one share, one comment of appreciation, and you trigger a masterpiece in the making.... mine are still making... taking a very long time in the making!
Thank you, thank you and thank you from my heart. To all of you Josie"


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