An Unknown Writer With A Mysterious Story

An Unknown Writer With A Mysterious Story

An encounter with a young writer recently started within me a chain of thoughts about such things as life and death, the passing of time, and how easily we dismiss others from whom there are great lessons to be learnt.
 Salman talked about such things as anxiety and depression, growing up in Bangladesh and how difficult life is for an LGBT person in his own country. It was the anxiety that I could identify with, the depression is so often part of that,  and common to many homosexuals who experience bullying taunts from an early age. Quite apart from these factors I was struck by the imagination and talent behind young Salman Aziz's work.  Oh yes, he is known to most people on the internet as Aka$H which connects in meaning to the stars and the heavens.

Allow me to introduce you to  Salman Aziz a.k.a. AKA$H author of :

6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story   

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