Thursday, 7 March 2019

BijouxQuebec (No fuss, just pretty stuff!)

I have long been an admirer of Lise Teasdale not only for her wit and charming good looks but also for her wonderful ability to look suitably chic whenever I happen to see her. There is a hidden secret to her style that is entirely her own and that is in her unique jewellery which she wears in that understated way that only the French Canadians seem to carry off. I discover that Lise actually makes her own baubles at her studio in Quebec, here are some of the stunning designs that are becoming Canada's most talked about accessories and will soon be centre stage in Europe's top fashion shows.  

Adorable Dark Green Agate & Plated Silver Bracelet  

Beautiful Red Pink Purple & White Striated Agate Plated Silver Pendant

Stunning Blue Larvikite Plated Silver Whale Tail Stretchy Bracelet

 Check out the stunningly affordable prices by clicking the link to Lise Teasdale's Shop,


 You can also find Lise here:

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