Sunday, 10 March 2019

River Thames Postman

River postman Herbert Evans rows his skiff "Alice Maud"towards the Town of Ramsgate pub and Wapping Old Stairs in East London. The job of the River Postman was abolished when Mr Evans retired in 1952. He had been performing this role since 1914, delivering the mail to ships and boats moored between London Bridge and Limehouse Reach, and to those who lived on the water. The first River postman was appointed in 1800 and by 1810 the first of six generations of the Evans family took over the position. The postman was required to provide his own boat although the Post Office did pay for maintenance.  He had an official uniform; a red tunic with black collar and cuffs and 12 brass buttons. This was worn in the days of sail as protection from the press gangs which operated on the river.

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