Monday, 26 August 2019

Christ Church Whaley Bridge

This photograph shows Christ Church on Bings Road, Whaley Bridge in 1910. Study the picture closely and zoom in to reveal some of the details.
Just to the left of the church is a train in the colours of the London and North Western Railway. The railway can be seen to the right of the church where it crosses  Bridge 42 over Buxton Road. Alongside is a signal.  A wisp of smoke drifts from the tall chimney of  the Waterloo Colliery? It stands just in front of buildings on Old Road and Buxton Road; we can see the roof of the chapel, now the Uniting Church. To the left of the train is a crenallated tower. This was the "Upcast Shaft" of Waterloo Colliery and was partof the ventilating system. Above Christ Church roof is a gantry crane; this stood over one of the colliery shafts.
The reservoir is in the background behind the dam wall. Houses can be seen on Reservoir Road including Whaley Hall.
The photograph has been coloured digitally.

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