Saturday, 17 August 2019

The White Horse

The White Horse at Horwich End, Whaley Bridge is decorated for a celebration.

The Chilworth Gunpowder Works sent a brave show from their Fernilee Gunpowder Factory.   Mr Harry Ramsden, the manager, responding in handsome fashion to the invitation of the committee by sending three crowded lurries.   On one was a fire brigade and two brass cannons; on another were a number of men employed making gunpowder casks &c; and on the third was the Fernilee Gunpowder Band, with a medley of musical contrivances and considerable din but with no known tune, and on each lurry were the words "Contractors to Her Majesty's Government" and the Government the day before had sent an order for 700 barrels of gunpowder for bursting shrapnel shells, half of which is going to South Africa and the other half to China.
 R. S-S  Whaley Bridge Forum 2010

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