Sunday, 5 January 2020

The One Man Band

Arthur Griffiths, a Welshman, travelled throughout Britain in the 1950s,  busking as a one man band. He is usually pictured playing a soprano saxaphone to which a collecting cup is attached. Strapped to his back is a large drum which also carries cymbals and a tambourine. Attached to his shoes are cords which are pulled to strike these percussion instruments. He is often pictured surrounded by a crowd of children, attracted by the free entertainment. 

Arthur Griffiths entertains just a few onlookers who don't look too appreciative. He is usually seen wearing this old top hat.

A small contribution

Entertaining a crowd outside Woolworths in Camden High Street, London. The store now has a new, bland frontage and the Brighton pub in the background, as become the Blues Kitchen

Arthur Griffiths entertains shoppers in Hexham, Northumberland in 1950 where he was photographed by Bert Hardy for Picture Post Magazine. The hat has become badly crumpled.

Wim Sonneveld was a popular and highly regarded cabartet artist in Nederland. He started singing in 1932 at the age of 15 before going on to owning his own club and performing on television, film and theatre. On the stage he took the role of Dr. Higgins in My Fair Lady for 702 performances from 1960. One of his creations was the character, Nikkelen Nelis the street singer, perhaps the role that he was performing when photographed as a one man band artist. He died in Amsterdam in 1974, aged 56.

The Wim Sonneveld Award is an annual prize for the most talented Nederland cabaret artist

Wim Sonneveld entertains a group of children

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  1. i love Arthur Griffiths look and the way he arrange every instrument so perfectly. He was so kind to children and love to entertain them for free as you can see in the pictures He is typically imagined playing a soprano saxaphone to which a gathering cup is appended. Tied to his back is a huge drum which additionally conveys cymbals and a tambourine. Connected to his shoes are lines which are pulled to strike these percussion instruments.